A Chapter-by-Chapter Commentary

Isaiah is an Old Testament book of prophecies, promises, and warnings. W.E. Vine’s commentary seeks to unfold the message of Isaiah and also “to bring to bear upon the lives of believers the practical effects of the book.” Rich in history and promise, Isaiah contains messages of woe both to the nations around Judah and to Judah itself. But it also pictures the restoration of the righteous and includes the servant songs that are a picture of Jesus Christ. Although Vine does not dwell on critical questions, he indicates his belief in the unity of the authorship of Isaiah. His commentaries on the prophetic sections is marked by a futurist element.

“W.E. Vine has concentrated on the moral and spiritual lessons of Isaiah,” wrote F.F. Bruce, “and presented them in a way which will prove very helpful to the general reader.”

Ebook, published by Kingsley Books
288 pages
ISBN: 978-1-912149-45-2