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When Robert Hicks, a British book publisher, realized that many of the works of F.F. Bruce, the “Dean of Evangelical Scholarship,” were not readily available, he wanted to correct that situation by republishing them as ebooks – which are easily available anywhere in the world – and reformat some into printed booklets suitable for evangelism and Bible study in universities and church groups.

Because Professor Bruce’s amazing body of work – more than 50 books and 2,000 articles – was becoming increasingly difficult to access, he contacted Sheila Lukabyo, Professor Bruce’s daughter, and received her encouragement to manage the works of her father with royalties going to ministries such as UCCF, with which Bruce had been involved.

Robert enlisted the help of Larry Stone, an American publisher, and together they formed F.F. Bruce Copyright International to make Bruce’s works available and to encourage an understanding of Professor Bruce’s teaching on the Scripture, to encourage his spirit of humility in approaching the Bible, and to encourage academic scholarship among today’s evangelical students and leaders. F.F. Bruce Copyright International publishes through the Kingsley Books imprint.

Together they contacted nearly twenty of F.F. Bruce’s publishers, confirmed the status of books in print, audited the royalties that were due to Bruce’s heirs, restored the copyrights to three of Professor Bruce’s books, and are publishing high quality ebooks and booklets.


Robert Hicks

Robert Hicks is an entrepreneur who has published and distributed more than 100 million Scripture portions, developed the “Back to Church Sunday” campaign, and founded several publishing companies. His passion for reading and understanding the Bible comes from learning to read as a teenager by copying out the King James Bible. He is surrounded by a large family in the historic Roman city of Bath, England.


Larry Stone

Larry Stone is an author and publisher. After building the successful book division of Thomas Nelson Publishers (U.S.), he co-founded Rutledge Hill Press, best known for having published Life’s Little Instruction Book. His book The Story of the Bible was named one of the ten best Christian books in the year it was published. More recently he was a key editor of The Africa Study Bible. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and Kattskill Bay, New York and has two sons and eleven grandchildren.

F.F. Bruce Copyright International