A Verse-by-Verse Commentary

Vine’s discernment as a theologian and his pastoral concerns are both demonstrated in his commentary on Hebrews. Hebrews was written to Jewish believers who were being tempted to return to their Jewish faith. Vine says – almost poetically — that many “had been ‘enlightened’ without having Christ as their Light; they had ‘tasted of the heavenly gift,’ without receiving it. They had ‘tasted of the good Word of God,’ without actually feeding on the Bread of Life.” “The antidote,” says Vine, “is provided in the presentation of Christ as the Son of God, His essential glories.”

Hebrews by W.E. Vine excels in the rich tradition of careful, exegetical word study and expository commentary. It takes into consideration every reference to a particular word in the Bible as well as the range of its uses in ancient Greek. Pastors, scholars, and serious students will enjoy this in-depth study of Hebrews.

Ebook, published by Kingsley Books
288 pages
ISBN: 978-1-912149-50-6