The Second Coming and the Last Days

Studies in Eschatology

Premillennialism is an understanding of God’s plan for the end times which says, in the words of F.F. Bruce, that there is “an interval between the resurrection-rapture of the Church and the return of Christ to earth ‘with power and great glory,’ and places in this interval the great tribulation of the end time.” W.E. Vine, with the help of C.F. Hogg, explores this doctrine.

The Second Coming and the Last Days contains W.E. Vine’s two best-known books on eschatology and numerous shorter articles.

“Touching the Coming of the Lord,” written with C.F. Hogg, is, says one reviewer, “The best book I’ve ever read on the subject. It is breathtakingly spiritual, rigorously sequent (logical). This book is well worth your while.”

When World War I broke out in 1914, W.E. Vine was asked how then-current events fit into an understanding of prophecy. “The Roman Empire in the Light of Prophecy,” which discusses “the rise, progress, and end of the fourth world-empire,” has been called “classic Bible prophecy study.”

Other articles in The Second Coming and the Last Days are “The Church and the Tribulation,” “The Rapture and the Great Tribulation,” Witnesses to the Second Advent,” “The Coming Priest-King,” “The Sealed Book of the Apocalypse,” and “The Four Women of the Apocalypse.”

Ebook, published by Kingsley Books
320 pages
ISBN: 978-1-912149-55-1