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Discovering The Message Of The Bible

Discovering The Message Of The Bible

Jesus is Lord
In Him the promise of the Old Testament is fulfilled

By F.F. Bruce and H.L. Ellison

Discovering the Message of the Bible brings together two important works by two leading evangelical scholars of the twentieth century — H.L. Ellison and F.F. Bruce. Ellison provides a primer to the understanding of the Old Testament; Bruce presents “the central message of New Testament . . . in a creative and invigorating way,” said Christianity Today. Both men saw the unity of the two sections of the Bible.

“The Old Testament is incomplete without the New,” explains Ellison, “for in all its portions it is looking forward to its fulfilment, but the New is also incomplete without the Old.” The central message of the New Testament, says Bruce, is “Jesus Christ is Lord.” And in Him the Old Testament “prophecies are fulfilled.”

H.L. Ellison, a biblical scholar, professor, and author, wrote most of The Message of the Old Testament as articles for The Witness, a respected British Brethren monthly magazine. Upon the successful publication of Ellison’s book in 1969 by Paternoster Press, Bruce wrote The Message of the New Testament as a companion volume. It was published in 1972. This modern classic was called “refreshingly sane and sober” by an Amazon reviewer.

Ebook, published by Kingsley Books
224 pages
ISBN: 978-1-912149-51-3

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